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Drives Meter Version 4.3

Drives Meter Drives Meter


Rating: 4.5/5 (210 votes )

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Drives Meter displays your hard disk or flash disk label up to 8 drives, disk activity, used disk space, free disk space, total disk space also with bar indication, and read/write speeds. When you double-click on the gadget, it will show Windows Explorer.

Flyout features can be shown by clicking on the icon or title to display the following information: disk drive model, media type, serial number, interface type, capacity, index, partitions, signature, firmware revision, total cylinders, total sectors, total heads, total tracks, bytes per sector, sectors per track, and tracks per cylinder.

In settings you can change the gadget size up to 400%, adjust the refresh rate, change the fixed activity units (bit/byte, kilobit/kilobyte, or megabit/megabyte), hide or show the graph, choose between a line or filled graph, adjust the color of the gadget’s background and text, and set auto update notifications.


  • Label
  • Disk Activity
  • Used Disk Space
  • Free Disk Space
  • Total Disk Space
  • Reading Speed
  • Writing Speed
  • Refresh Rate Adjustable
  • Size Adjustable
  • Fixed Activity Unit
    Bit And Byte
    Kilobit And Kilobyte
    Megabit And Megabyte
  • Graph (Show / Hide)
  • Eject button
  • History Scale Type
  • Double Click On Background Show
    Windows Explorer
  • Auto Update Notifier
  • Color Adjustable
  • Reset To Default Setting

Flyout Features (Click on icon or title to show the info)

  • Disk Drive Model
  • Media Type
  • Serial Number
  • Interface Type
  • Capacity
  • Index
  • Partitions
  • Signature
  • Firmware Revision
  • Total Cylinders
  • Total Sectors
  • Total Heads
  • Total Tracks
  • Bytes per Sector
  • Sectors per Track
  • Tracks per Cylinder

For More Information With Photo

Last updated: 15-May-2013

Version: 4.3

File size: 158.06 KB

Price: Free

Support operating system: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008


Drives Meter Version 4.3 Download Download Now (.exe) Hosted by AVG

Drives Meter Version 4.3 Download Download Now (.zip)

Release history

Version: 4.3 - Fixed refresh rate bug.

Version: 4.2 - Added ability to change flyout background and text color.

- Change flyout size.

Version: 4.1 - Improves performance.

- Added disk activity hide option.

- Added digital signature.

- Fixed bugs.

Version: 4.0 - Added support up to 8 drives.

- Added detect disc drive information.

- Added eject button for disc drive and flash drive (pen drive).

- Fixed hang on setting.

- Fixed hang when select disc drive.

- Improves performance.

Version: 3.1 - Fixed white box with the < problem.

Version: 3.0 - Added sound alert for low disk space.

- Added alert icon notification.

- Fixed bugs.

Version: 2.5 - Fixed many bugs included flyout and setting.

Version: 2.4 - Fixed bugs and added many info on flyout.

Version: 2.3 - Fixed many bug and added default setting button.

Version: 2.2 - Fixed bug and added new settings futures.

Version: 2.1 - Fixed 64 bit OS bug and added color changeable.

Write Your Review

5:20 pm
What would be awesome
If you could include the HDD Temperature in the next revision. I have been looking for the next revision to include it. Hope to see it! Thanks!
9:18 am
What would make this gadget better for me.
Let me say from the outset that I think all your gadgets are top of the line. The absolute best gadgets out there! They all contain an amazing amount of information. What would be better for me would be if there was an option to show "Less" information. When it comes to hard drives what I want to see most is activity. A bar graph for each hard drive that can show read and writes together similar to how DU Meter show bandwidth (solid bar graph with overlaid green for download Red for upload and yellow for both. Thanks for producing such quality Gadgets. (feels a donation is in order)
Roger Fransson
5:20 pm
The Complete Desktop!
The drives, cpu, gpu and network meter has been the most important part of my desktops for years now. Gives an great overview and works perfectly.
8:33 am
Cool with a low load
I'm using the gadgets for a good time, more then a year. Works fine with a low load of your system and when a new version is released the software warns you.
3:05 pm
Drives Meter
I'm from Germany (Munich). I use your CPU, Network, GPU & Drives meters, and find them all very great. Thank you very much for that. If you can still show the Drive-Temperature at Drives Meter, than this utility means real perfect. Always you make a great work!
Philip Smith
2:56 am
Drives Meter Review
Works exactly as described on my Windows 7 x64 and Windows 2008 Server R2 x64 machines.
Bill Braski
4:16 pm
Nice storage monitor
Provides great visibility on all storage devices. Plenty of customizable options and detail levels. Very Cool.
4:51 am
Command center
This site provides the gadgets that I have been looking for to make my desktop the Command-Center of my computer. Great information. Highly recommended!!
Mathieu Bois
9:19 pm
Better look now
really like the new look, especially when monitoring several drives very nice!
Gordon Scott
9:42 pm
Your gadgets overall
I use your CPU, Network, GPU & Drives meters, and find them all very useful as I like to know what's going on with my systemat any time.
I, like many others, appreciate that you provide them free and with annoying ads etc., thank you very much for that, and I'm particularly thankful for the recent Drives Meter upgrade from 4 to 8 drives, as I have 7 in my PC.
Keep up the great work :)
3:54 pm
I usedownloaded a windows 8 gadget tool to get the gadgets bar on Win8 i hope they continue to update thees for new processor or make a CPU and drive meter for windows 8 thies are cool and useful to me.
Terry Horton
4:05 pm
I use the earthquake gadget and cpu gadget and drive gadget they are all awesome and very effective.
Bill Braski
6:48 pm
Nice desktop visual of internal and external storage devices. Like it!
Sandra P.
11:05 pm
Great gadgets! Very useful & informative
I like this gadget among the several (7) of them I have! These are all VERY useful. I also like the ability to change the display colors on the gadgets.
johnsonm nagaboy
2:11 pm
44 like's 4m ma site! :-]
good job ma'an......thanking you lots 4 your wonderful contribution to the society..i jus love using these update apps on my PC.now my pc seems much cooler with your gadgets.i jus wish being 1 of u kool gyzzz.........thank u 1ce agn.
10:32 pm
Nice work again
I really enjoy your gadgets and this one is really useful, unlike many of drive meter gadget yours displays activity and of course keep your particular design =) If I may, it would be really more clear and readable if you can add a separation between every drive (just like on GPU Meter). Anyway, nice work and thank you for all your gadgets and to continue to improve them ;)
Shaun M. Erman-Bech
9:02 am
For H3XX
Yes it's a wonderful meter, and you only have to install 2 times and you have room for 8 drives...lolol
Kenneth H. Fleischer
6:06 am
The Second of Two Very Useful Gadgets
Along with Network Meter, this Gadget is a truly-useful desktop device. It nicely monitors hard-disc usage, displaying it on a two-minute historigraph, updated each second. Even if one doesn't need to know how much the disc is in use second-by-second, this Gadget still tells when the disc is in use, right on the screen, which is better than the old-fashioned disc-usage light that used to be on either the drive, itself, or on the front of the computer, someplace. The historigraph, itself, is autoranging by default, which probably is right for most users, but a fixed-range setting is also available. Unfortunately, the fixed-range setting is ineffective, and the Gadget auto-ranges even with a fixed-range setting. Still, it and the Network Meter are just the things for someone who desires to know just what's going on inside that box, and drive details are available by clicking the title.
1:31 pm
Great app on startup
This app is great to observe what is going on during startup with drive access. Usually firewall and anitviral stuff is running at that time so it shows you when you can expect to have full real time control of your computer.
Recommend and will make donation after evaluating 6 months.
12:39 am
Drives Meter, CPU and GPU meters
I have your meters for as long as I can remember and I have always loved them and also recommend them to my friends. Simply Awesome work!
3:21 pm
Very good
This is great just like the other meters, but I wish it could read all six of my drives instead of just four.
Jerry Collins
5:11 pm
I have used Network Meter, CPU Usage, GPU Meter and Drives Meter since they were made. I can monitor my computer from the desktop and even know what is going on, most of the time, just doing this. Having monitored all for as long as I have I can tell if Diskeeper is active, when anything is going on line, such as the Weather Channel gadget and much more. More important I can tell when something is running that shouldn't be, after checking to see just what is accessing my HD and the internet. In other words, I love these gadgets and have come to depend on them.
adam vass
10:49 pm
Most useful gadgets
Oh my. I really wanted this! Thanks! Your meters are the most useful gadgets in the whole world!
Jackson M
4:01 am
Powerful Gadgets
Anyway, keep up the great work! These gadgets are one of the best utilities for any computer nerd. Lots of system information at a glance.
6:39 pm
Windows 7 Gadgets
A lot of useful information in a small footprint!
1:47 pm
Thank you
love this stuff... works like a champ here!! thanks!
4:22 am
Great gadget
Wow I think they all work pretty good. Very useful. Thank you for developing it.
Sarmed Rahman
11:50 am
This gadget meets all my requirements. It's very good and I'd definitely recommend it.

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