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Drives Meter Gadgets Info

Drives Meter Gadgets Info

What is Disk Drive Model?

Manufacturer's model number of the disk drive.

What is Media Type?

Type of media used or accessed by this device. (The values are: External hard disk media, Removable media other than floppy, Fixed hard disk media, Format is unknown)

What is Interface type?

Interface type of physical disk drive. (The values are: SCSI, HDC, IDE, USB, 1394).

What is disk drive Capacity?

Size of the disk drive. It is calculated by multiplying the total number of cylinders, tracks in each cylinder, sectors in each track, and bytes in each sector.

What is disk drive Index?

Physical drive number of the given drive.

What is Disk Partitions?

Is the act of dividing a hard disk drive into multiple logical storage units referred to as partitions, to treat one physical disk drive as if it were multiple disks.

What is Signature?

Disk identification.

What is Firmware Revision?

Revision for the disk drive firmware that is assigned by the manufacturer.

What is disk drive Cylinder?

A cylinder comprises the same track number on each platter, spanning all such tracks across each platter surface that is able to store data (without regard to whether or not the track is "bad"). Thus, it is a three-dimensional structure. Any track comprising part of a specific cylinder can be written to and read from while the actuator assembly remains stationary, and one way in which hard drive manufacturers have increased drive access speed has been by increasing the number of platters which can be read at the same time.

What is Disk Sector?

A sector is the smallest storage unit that is addressable by a hard drive, and all information stored by the hard drive is recorded in sectors. Each sector stores a fixed amount of user data. Traditional formatting of these storage media provides space for 512 bytes (for magnetic disks) or 2048 bytes (for optical discs) of user-accessible data per sector. Newer hard drives use 4096 byte (4 KB or 4K) Advanced Format sectors.

What is disk drive Heads?

A head reads and writes data in hard drive by manipulating the magnetic medium that composes the surface of an associated disk platter. Naturally, a platter has 2 sides and thus 2 surfaces on which data could be manipulated; usually there are 2 heads per platter one on each side, but not always.

What is disk drive Tracks?

The tracks are the thin concentric circular strips of sectors. At least one head is required to read a single track.