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Weather Meter

Weather Meter With Flyout

Weather Meter covers up to 3 million cities and towns worldwide, displaying current weather conditions includes high and low temperatures for the day, “feels like” temperature, humidity, visibility, pressure, wind speed, wind direction, cloud cover, precipitation, sunrise, sunset, sun position, day length, moonrise, moonset and moon phase.
When you click on gadget Weather Meter or the weather icon it displaying a flyout with a today weather forecast include information for temperature, feels like, heat index, dew point, wind chill, humidity, visibility, pressure, wind speed, wind direction, cloud cover, chance of rain and precipitation.
For more 14 day weather forecast you have to click on the location on the gadget to display the weather forecast on WeatherTemperature.com website.

Current weather conditions and weather forecasts are provided by Weather Temperature.

Note: Versions 1.2 and earlier will no longer function after 22 May 2013.

Last updated: 31 August 2013

Version: 1.7

File size: 116.53 KB

Price: Free

Support operating system: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012


Weather Meter Version 1.7 Download Download Now (.zip)

Release history

Version: 1.7 - Added show chance of rain in flyout.

- Added Hi and Lo in high low temperatures for the day.

- Fixed loading bug.

- Fixed flyout bug.

Version: 1.6 - Fixed weather icon issues.

- Fixed show location bug.

- Improves pressure graph.

Version: 1.5 - Fixed sun position calculation.

- Fixed resize issues.

Version: 1.4 - Added wind speed show in m/s, ft/s and knot.

- Added pressure show in mmHg and inHg.

- Improves loading data.

- Fixed sun position bug.

- Fixed size bug.

- Fixed flyout clock bug.

- Fixed search location bug.

Version: 1.3 - Added moon phase.

- Added day length.

- Added sun position.

- Added visibility show in mile.

- Added pressure show in mbar.

- Added precipitation show in inch.

- Added ability to change 24 hour time format.

- Fixed pressure graph bug.

Version: 1.2 - Fixed wrong wind direction arrows.

Version: 1.1 - Added wind arrows.

- Added pressure graph.

- Fixed refresh button bug.

Version: 1.0 - Initial release.

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12:00 pm
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11:31 pm
Weather Gadget
Please keep up the good work Guys, I've just recommended this gadget to my friends. We live in the country-side so getting reliable weather reports is so important. Thanks again!
8:11 am
Weather Meter is the best
I've tried other weather programs and the Weather Meter is the best due to its detailed layout in a small package. I'm so satisfied I will be donating $10 so they may continue to do good work. Thank you AddGadgets.com!
12:34 am
Weather Gadgets
Hemant Kumar
4:01 pm
This windows Gadget is very helpful .Just saying simply... Awesome
7:04 pm
Great Weather Resource
This is a really great gadget, it would be even better if the daily flyout would print (I need to track for medical reasons). Really love it!
EO Smith
3:40 pm
Excellent Gadgets All
I continue to be impressed by Chaw Keat. His work is absolutely superb, Not only does he design extremely useful gadgets, he continues to update them. Moreover, he is very responsive to users' suggestions. Look no farther is you want practical, informative, well-written gadgets. They are not glitzy, but they are information packed. They are the best on web. BRAVO!
WT Gator
9:43 pm
Swear By This Gadget
It tells me if I need to wear a jacket when I go out to work. Well, not really but there is so much detail that I can work that out for myself. :)
11:44 pm
Great Weather Gadget!
This is a great gadget! I used to use WeatherPulse, and this has all but replaced it. There are 2 things I would like to see added: an in-gadget forecast (i.e., without having to go to an external website to see the forecast), and some way to display weather alerts in-gadget.
1:56 pm
Another Great Gadget
There's just one minor issue. If I click to open the detailed forecast pane, only the temperatures in this pane follow my unit preference, while all the rest of the values remain in metric units no matter how I have it set.
Curtis Bartley Jr
7:29 am
Weather Gadget
Best one I have ever used all the gadgets I use work great glade someone used their head in keeping the good one's.
Curtis Bartley Jr
4:25 pm
Weather Temperature
Love these gadgets they help out in a lot of ways. Thanks!
2:12 am
Weather forecast accuracy Issue
The weather forecast for my city here in Brisbane QLD is wrong according to several other sources. The weather meter says it is 13deg and partly cloudy, however, in reality it is 16deg and sunny. I know it's not your fault because you use data from weathertemperature.com. It would be nice if the gadget could offer the option to choose alternate weather providers, this way users are not forced to accept inaccurate forecast data. Pity, nice gadget by the way.
6:07 pm
Weather meter
Hello, I like the weather meter, I use almost all the meters on my system. My only qualm is that the weather meter is not updating the weather (which is critical for this type of widget). I just updated from 1.4 to 1.5 in hopes that this will be corrected in this current version. The only way it seems to update properly is to enter the widget settings, and click ok at the bottom. Just thought I would let you folks know since I use your widgets on all my systems. Thanks and keep up the good work and updates!!
PK Mohanta
8:40 pm
Appreciation for Add Gadgets Team
Beautiful gadgets. Really I am overwhelmed. I WISH ALL THE BEST FOR THE WHOLE TEAM.
Jim H
4:07 pm
Best Weather Gadget
Great weather gadget. Utilizes data from home and professional weather stations so I have details from several stations within a mile of my house. The refresh time of 30 minutes is acceptable however, every 15 minutes would be better as storm fronts move through.
I love the layout and all the details including sun and moon. The Sun position seems reversed as I live in the northern hemisphere and look south for the sun's position. My daughter appreciates the current setting as is as she is in New Zealand and faces north to see the sun. Having a hemisphere setting seems appropriate.
The Pressure setting when in inches would be better if it included the fraction portion of the reading as well. That best shows the changes occurring.
The overall ability to choose color for nearly every detail and whether to display the detail is greatly appreciated. If only my phone's weather app was so detailed.
Thanks for all you provide with the wonderful collection of gadgets.
2:53 pm
Weather gadget
Really like this! Accurate and it fits the look of my other gadgets (clock, cpu, gpu).
8:54 pm
As usual with your gadgets, it's awesome and pretty clear despite number of information. Just like each other addgadget, there's a lot of options. Really enjoyable. For now, the only bug I found is that disabling Moonrise/Moonset disables Moon Phase too even if this is two different options. But this is minor and might be corrected soon. Great work and big thanks, nothing else to say :D
PK Mohanta
5:17 pm
15 days weather forecast
"Beautiful gadget for Windows 8, 7, Vista, Server 2012 & 2008". The gadget is free for both commercial & private use. It automatically displays the latest information about the weather in & around you.
5:17 pm
version 1.4 has perfected this gadget! Happy to see inches of mercury added to the options! You guys ROCK!
5:56 pm
Hello, I'm from iran it's best gadget for showing weather. Thank you!
David Cecil
7:21 am
Weather Meter 1.2
Sometimes it loses the server, but it is very good and practical. Great tool for us who have US families and I want to know the weather condtions in my home town. Thanks and keep up the "great work"
8:12 pm
Pretty Good
It's pretty good, hope new version will be much better!
Neil C
22:56 pm
Weather meter
Excellent guide. I have several running at the same time, one for each area I am interested in.
Randolph Mitchell
22:56 pm
Great Gadgets!
These are all great gadgets for windows 7. I use the "Time, CPU Usage, Network Meter and Weather gadgets" now on all my machines. The weather gadget is coming along very nicely and is now up to v1.3 Very nicely done, keep up the great work!
James Verry
7:45 pm
Weather Meter
It is the best weather source I seen. The Barometric pressure when displayed as millibar does not change the pressure to inches.
12:29 pm
So awesome great!
This completes my addgadgets bar. Had always to use other weather panels which haven't been so smart. Last I used, was the "Weather Center" of hadi which is quite nice, but THIS ONE from you makes the bar complete!! So, just keep on this work. Installed the gadget bar on Win8 and your gadgets work like a charm. Won't miss them at all!
Stephen Phillips
2:40 am
Weather Meter Gadget
To everybody at AddGadgets.com: This gadget is like an amazing gadget, I wouldn't even have to watch the Weather Channel anymore! If you could do one update, it would be the refresh rate. I think 30 minutes is a little too long, and I was wondering if you could do like 10, 15, 20, or 25 minutes. I don't mind 30 minutes, but I was wondering if you could add an update with a shorter refresh rate. On the other hand, this gadget is great! Thank you!
6:41 pm
You can know how the day is gonna be at your first glance at the desktop.It includes all necessary information that you will ever need to know about weather & it's the best weather gadget I've ever seen. However you can only see today's forecast & you will have to visit a webpage if you want to know how tomorrows weather will be that's the only con i can see. If add-gadgets could add tomorrows and the next day's forecast,it will be extremely helpful.
John Bowman
4:30 pm
Works Sometime
Really a nice gadget when it works and the server is up which is only sometimes. Should have a another option for Pressure but a nice gadget anyway.
9:26 am
Another Great Widget!
Really useful, shows everything I'd like to see, unlike many other weather widgets. Well done! Just need some exchange rate widgets and all widgets for me will be uniform and matching!
Jay J.
1:19 pm
Another winner
Looks like I've got a new gadget to add to my desktop. Been using the CPU and Network meter gadgets for what seems like forever. So far the weather gadget works just as well and now everything matches!
Timothy Suhr
1:12 pm
Weather Meter
Weather Meter is a very good gadget for the windows 7 desktop. Thank for this helpful tool. The only negative is only part of the outputs can be set to impleral standards. Please consider letting pressure, precipitation, and visibility also be set to to miles, inches ect.
6:32 pm
Great quality Gadget!
I really like this new gadget, just what I needed! With all the possible and different weather information available it's almost perfect. But I do have one very simple request... could you please add m/s (meters/second) for Wind Speed? Because as it's now, there are only km/h and mph which I can't really relate to (as here where I live; Sweden, we only use m/s for wind speed). So, please, if you add this small thing, I would more than happy use this gadget along with almost all other ones you have (using time, cpu, gpu (with PCMeter), network and drives). Thank you very much for all your gadgets, they really adds perfectly on my second monitor.
Vaibhav Singh
7:24 pm
Awesome! Another great gadget from ADDGADGETS
Waiting for this weather gadget only. Awesome details and accuracy of respective location. Great gadget style, liked this very much and of course this is another great gadget from ADDGADGETS. Thank you everyone at ADDGADGETS for this wonderful gadget.
Mark W
6:44 pm
Great Gadget
Super gadget I like all the info in provides. The only thing is that it does not provide a extended forecast. It would be great if it had that.
John Leonard
6:31 pm
Better than the other one!
The standard weather gadget for Windows didn't seem to update properly. It would read 52 degrees long after the temp had gone to 66. Clicking on it would open a web page with the correct temp but the gadget temp stayed the same. This gadget shows current temperature and very nicely allows you to select from a number of nearby locations based on your 5 digit U.S. Postal code. I haven't seen that before in a weather gadget, including the ones I've tried on my Androids. It also shows other useful info like sunrise, sunset and wind velocity. This is an important application for a gadget and it's good to see a nice one come along. Thanks!
Nick G
8:08 pm
i use the CPU meter, the GPU meter, Network meter, and the Drives meter, and i'm happy with all of them. the weather meter is no exception to that trend. It tells me what i need to know, i can remove the options that i don't need to know, it looks great and fits in well with the rest. i've been waiting for this gadget to be released for a while now, and i'm happy to finally have it. Oh, and it's free, just like everything else this website offers, which can't be beat, 5/5! :)
7:41 pm
Filled in my info and had weather on my desktop just like that. I can drop weather add-ons in my web browsers now.
Mr F
11:40 am
Almost there
Nice gadget, but would like to be able to change time format to 24 hour clock and less importantly display wind speed in knots.
Jonathan W
9:00 pm
Looks Like another Great (and useful) product from ADDGADGETS
Since it hasn't been released yet I can't actually write a review for the Weather_Meter gadget but I can say that I'm eagerly looking forward to using it. There's no question in my mind as to whether or not it will be a great addition to their already great lineup. And, FINALLY, my gadget cluster will actually be uniform and matching - O.C.D. and all..
Also, thank you to everyone at Addgadgets for all of your hard work and continued product support.

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