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What is an Internet Service Provider?

Internet Service Provider refers to a business whose main niche is to provide internet services to clients who subscribe to the service. Advancement in technology has revolutionised the manner in which internet services are offered. Gone are the days when internet users used to depend on Dial-Up Modems that were actually very slow and uneconomical to use in accessing information from the internet. Here are some types of internet service providers namely.

Cable Internet Service Provider
This type of internet connection relies heavily on the cable television wire network that most people nowadays use to watch various local and international programs. Subscribers in a given region access internet using the same network hence bandwidth has to be shared between all the users. In most cases, cable modem regulates the amount of bandwidth used at a given period . This regulation is very important since it helps to ensure that clients get fast internet services at all times.

Satellite Internet
This is one of the newest internet services in the market, Satellite Internet Service Providers offer their services to a limited number of users so as to ensure that the services are up to standards. One of the major benefits of this internet services is that it allows users to access the bandwidth using the satellite cards from anywhere. However, certain weather conditions can affect the download speed.

Digital Subscriber Line
This is also referred to as the DSL; this internet connection relies on the telephone wires that have already being installed. Despite this fact, users don't have to own a landline telephone to enjoy these internet services. This Internet Service Provider has the capacity to supply information from the internet at a speed ranging from 246 kilobytes- 24,000 kilobytes. Advancement in technology such as the introduction of the Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line will allow users to access internet a higher speed.

In order to enjoy the full benefits of having internet connection at home or at work place, one has to take into consideration the specific internet needs at hand. Other factors that need to be considered include price, efficiency and credibility of the internet service provider.

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written by: ALPHA WRITER

Date: 6-Nov-2012

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