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What Is Hacking And How To Protect Yourself

Hacking has increased dramatically in recent times with the widespread use of the World Wide Web. The popular web makes it fairly easy to access all kinds of systems around the world since they are all easily available online. But what exactly is hacking?

Hacking simply put is interfering with and modifying programs so as to get them to do something different and what they were not created to do in the first place. When most people use this term they are usually referring to criminal hackers whose motive is personal gain and profit from activities like gaining unauthorized access to bank accounts or other accounts with money or even stealing personal information with the aim of doing great damage to an individual or organization. A person involved in hacking activities is usually called a hacker.

Hackers are a fascinating breed, usually highly intelligent and talented people who are expert computer programmers, some of them are not really criminals and view hacking as an art and a way to apply their skills and defeat challenges and even find useful ways to apply their skills to every day life. These are usually a less dangerous breed and may stay away from crime. However the line between dangerous hackers and other hackers is very thin and quite often blurred.

Hacking is complex and sometimes difficult to grasp for non-experts but there are still a number of ways that one can protect themselves. Some basic precautions like ensuring that your computer is free from viruses and spyware can go a long way in keeping you out of the reach of hackers.

Using firewall protection to reduce the chances of unauthorized access to your computer system is yet another important precaution you can take that can make all the difference.

It is also prudent to take heed of the usual advice given by banks and other financial institutions who advice that you be careful about using other people's computers when you are travelling to access your accounts or draw funds.

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written by: Christopher Kyalo

Date: 4-Nov-2012

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