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Download Windows Desktop Gadgets

Here you can find out all our Windows Desktop Gadgets file.
Note: Only available the latest version of Windows Desktop Gadgets.

Gadgets Version Download(zip) Download(exe)
All CPU Meter 4.7.3 Download All CPU Meter Download
(201.23 KB)
Download All CPU Meter
Amazon Search 1.1 Download Amazon Search Download
(104.19 KB)
Battery Meter 2.3 Download Battery Meter Download
(148.09 KB)
Download Battery Meter
Control System 2.0 Download Control System Download
(83.33 KB)
Download Control System
Currency Meter 1.2 Download Currency Meter Download
(223.64 KB)
Download Currency Meter
Digital Clock 1.4 Download Digital Clock Download
(153.49 KB)
Download Digital Clock
Drives Meter 4.3 Download Drives Meter Download
(158.06 KB)
Download Drives Meter
Earthquakes Meter 3.1 Download Earthquakes Meter Download
(138.13 KB)
Download Earthquakes Meter
Fix 64 bit sidebar 1.0 Download Fix 64 bit sidebar Download
(38.72 KB)
GPU Meter 2.4 Download GPU Meter Download
(602.73 KB)
Download GPU Meter
Network Meter 9.6 Download Network Meter Download
(340.45 KB)
Download Network Meter
PC Meter 0.4 Beta Download PC Meter Download
(105.91 KB)
Stock Meter 1.0 Download Stock Meter Download
(186.02 KB)
Download Stock Meter
Weather Meter 1.7 Download Weather Meter Download
(116.53 KB)
Download Weather Meter
World Clock 2.0 Download World Clock Download
(637.75 KB)

Gadgets Gallery

All CPU Meter
Network Meter
Stock Meter
Currency Meter
Weather Meter
GPU Meter
Drives Meter
Battery Meter
Digital Clock
Amazon Search
Earthquakes Meter
Control System
World Clock
Fix 64 bit sidebar

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