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What is Broadband?

Broadband is the most commonly used medium for internet access but still most of us are not aware about the actual definition of broadband. Some people define it to be an internet faster than 4 mbps but it is not the complete definition. We can say an internet connection with speed better than dial up connection is broadband. Broadband comes in five different forms-DSL, Cable, Wireless, Satellite and Fiber-Optic. This post explains in detail the definition and features of broadband.
Forms of Broadband Internet Connection
The different forms include:
1) DSL: It refers to digital subscriber line and is provided through the telephone line. Both the calling function and internet can be used at the same time due to a device called DSL splitter.
2) Cable: This type of broadband can be used through a cable connection. It is comparatively having higher browsing speed but the problem is that speed can fluctuate depending on a number of factors. For instance, if there are many users in the area during a particular time, the speed will be affected.
3) Satellite: The satellite broadband lacks the speed noticed with the above two types of broadband. However, if you are living in a remote area where DSL or cable internet is not present, it can be beneficial. The speed of the internet connection is affected even by weather and you should not expect fast downloads or browsing with satellite broadband.
4) Wireless: Wireless broadband is also very popular 3 days. It refers to the 3G or 4G internet services. The areas under 4G are increasing rapidly and thus its popularity will grow fast.
5) Fiber-Optic: Finally, there is Fiber-optic connection which offers the fastest browsing. However, one has to pay higher charges for this type of broadband.
There are anumber of benefits of broadband over the dial up connection. It is easier to connect and even the connectivity and spped is much better.

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